The blue jersey that we pull on every Saturday, is more than that. Its a right to represent one of New Zealand's premier cricket clubs. Everything we do on or, off the field is done with two things in mind - a sense of pride in who we play for and represent, and the pride that we have for our Sumner community. Cricket is never about 'having a bash around on a Saturday afternoon' its about doing something with our mates, friends, family and giving back to the sport that has given so much to us.



We're pretty lucky to play where we do. Right next to one of Christchurch's premier beaches, and one of the most beautiful coastlines in New Zealand. Our village means a lot to us too.

We get massive support from local businesses who help us run a successful club, and many of the Sumner locals always stop by to watch and support our teams. We really aren't a team without the people in our community. They are the heart and lungs of Sumner Cricket.



One of the biggest things about playing for Sumner is that all the teams work together to create a winning culture. The feeder team to the seniors, the 3A's, train and play together to make sure everyone is sharp. Our junior teams love to mix in with the older guys and we have a number of club days where the juniors show the senior teams their skills!

In doesn't just stop on the cricket field either. All of our teams get involved in the community and with club events all throughout the year. It's a family, rather than a cricket club. We'd love to have you a part of it.