Subs for the 2018/19 season are as follows:

  • Year 1                                    $70

  • Year 2                                    $70

  • Year 3                                    $75

  • Year 4                                    $80

  • Year 5                                    $85

  • Year 6                                    $90

  • Year 7                                    $95

  • Year 8 (Half season)             $50          

Subs need to be paid after registration and prior to the start of the season


  • How old do I have to be? - We offer cricket for players from Year 1 to Year 8

  • Do both boys and girls play? - Absolutely! When they are younger girls generally play in mixed teams. As they get older we field girl’s only teams. In 2016/17 we fielded a year 5/6 team and a year 7 team

  • What gear do I need? - Once you have been allocated to a team you will receive a club playing shirt from your coach. This belongs to the club and is to be returned at the end of the season. New players will receive a Sumner Cricket Club cap.  Aside from this, you will need to provide the rest of your own clothing (white shorts or trousers are compulsory). Playing equipment is provided by the club, however many players like to buy and use their own bats and protective equipment.

  • Which sort of cricket should I play? - This depends on age, experience, and confidence. We are happy to guide you if you are unsure.

  • How are the teams picked? - Generally the younger teams (Year 4 & under) are by player choice, keeping past team mates, school mates, and friends together where possible. New players are integrated into teams of similar age and experience.  As players get older, teams are sometimes selected more on ability than school year groups.

  • Where are the games played? – Year 1 – 4 Kiwi and 20:20 grades are played on grass at St Leonards, Sumner or at other grounds around Christchurch however where possible the draw is zoned so that teams don’t have to travel too far from home. From Year 5 games are played on artificial pitches. Our “home” pitches are at Sumner School, Van Asch College or Ferrymead Park so games are either there are at other Christchurch schools.

  • When and where is practice? - Teams practice once a week, the time and day depends on the coach.

  • What sort of coaching will I get? - We are lucky to have a positive dedicated “team” of parents and helpers, who believe in full participation for all players to maximise enjoyment. We also have Dan Vann of Evolution Sports Coaching (who is also Sumner Cricket Club Captain) to assist us with some specific coaching over the season. He also runs some excellent school holiday cricket programs so check out his website at