The Sumner Cricket Club was established in 1905, becoming one of the eight clubs to form what was known as the Christchurch Suburban Cricket Association.  The Sumner Cricket Club is now the sole survivor of these original clubs.  Whilst this was the “official” origin of the Club, cricket has featured strongly in the Sumner community history with games taking place at various locations within the valley after its settlement. The current location of St Leonards Square became the permanent home to Sumner Cricket in 1886 when the land was cleared and trees were planted around it.  It wasn’t for another 72 years before a club house was established; the Sumner Surf Club pavilion being transported from Sumner beach to St Leonards Square in 1958 to become the Sumner Sports Pavilion and the clubrooms for both Sumner cricket and rugby.  Ever since, the sports pavilion has been the “home” for hundreds of local sports people, young and old alike.

On the move 1 1958.jpg

Sumner is not only the oldest Suburban Association club but is also one of the most successful.  As well as amassing close to 50 titles in the various Suburban Association grades over the years, Sumner has also found more recent success in the Christchurch Metro Cricket competition which was formed by the merger of the Suburban and Canterbury Cricket Christchurch Club competition.  Indeed Sumner has recently been the reigning champion in both the two day and one day formats of the Senior A competition.  Sumner has seen a number of its members move onto higher honours be it at secondary school, provincial or national level.  The club has also been active in attracting overseas players in recent years.  These players are quickly smitten by the beautiful geographical surroundings and the welcoming village atmosphere that the club and local community thrive on.

Currently the Sumner Cricket Club fields four senior teams.  However, it is in the junior grades where the real strength of Sumner cricket lies.  The 2016/17 season has seen Sumner enter fourteen teams in the Christchurch Junior Cricket Association, covering all age groups.  All available grounds in Sumner and Redcliffs are utilised every weekend by scores of young players, all ably coached, managed and supported by family and friends.

Sumner Cricket Club is a true community club with its roots deeply grounded in the geographic areas it serves, and its influence extending not only to the surrounding communities, but also overseas.